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Tilapia Fillet with Buckwheat and Yams

One interesting fact that most people are unaware is yams are often mistakenly called sweet potatoes, and vice versa, but they are two different vegetables. Sweet potatoes are delicious, but nothing compared to yams. Yams have more nutrient and less calories then any potatoes.  Just a little info before the journey begins.

To start things off, I like to introduce the Chefs special Yam recipe. To clairify, its not really special. The most easiest, and yummiest way to make yams is……

Slice the yams in block forms like above.

Season it with Cinnamon, salt, pepper and olive oil

Oven roast  the yams and you got it!

So golden and sweet, makes the taste bites go crazy.

Furthermore, we shall get right into the main dish, our Tilapia Fillet. To season this fish is extremely easy.

Seasoning of the Tilapia Fillet




and this time we used bread crumbs to give it the extra crunch.


Simply Amazing..


One must wonder what that grainy side dish must be…? The one and only Buckwheat… Yes its hard to find, (Usually only at Wholefoods) but it makes the meal more health considering you are eating fried fish.

Thank you all for checking out Colorfulfoods, now go and try it yourselves. Tell me how you can improve this meal ..

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Potato Salad Delight

Salads? Really?  I know its another salad but its amazing. You got to try it. its something like a meal in a salad form….  I noticed one of my favorite salads that i have not really payed much attention to lately.  The potato Delight.

Why do you think its one of my favorite salads? Its fulfilling and feels light compared to a meal. Sure it has potatoes and potatoes are not considered to be light food but it still does the job.. The flavors is what brings the salad its delight and potatoes are just potatoes.

How to make it? its very simple..



Red onions

Salt and pepper

Some greens (basil and dill is what we use but up to you)

Lemon/lime (your choice)

and a little olive oil

End result totally amazing appetizer or even a salad on its own.

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Armenian Chicken Burrito

Whats so amazing about discovering something new in food? The accidental discovery of the potato chip brought in another wonderful snack that was cherished by many throughout history. The thin slice of potato has not only created another industry for business and food development, it has revolutionized our snack industry. Everyone must take the time to thank our great creator, George Crum for the potato chip. How does this relate to our amazing chicken burrito? Practice makes perfect. Perfect gives the creator confidence to experiment and see what works.

Introducing…………….Chicken burrito

Isn’tit a beauty? Are you hungry yet? you can make this too. I will show you.

Lets start off by introducing the ingredient. The beauty of this burrito its made up of fresh ingredients.

As you can see this is our chicken that was used to make the burrito. It is boiled chicken breasts, mixed with mayo. It is only seasoned with salt and pepper and nothing else.

We are getting to the exciting parts now. Avocado and spicy jalapenos! I am a fan of spicy foods. I try to get my mom to make foods generally more on the spicier end of the scale. The reason why the tomatoes look so juicy is because it was picked from our garden.  (Its small enough for 1 big meal per year ) And of course cheese. I do not understand how a burrito can function without cheese. It is a must in my book.

Cant have a burrito without some greens and onions. We decided to mix it together for easy burrito making.

The most challenging part of the processes is literally frying the burritos. Yes most of you would consider it not healthy. However, it is being fried with olive oil and its extra virgin 🙂

The taste is amazing i assure you.. Take the time to review the process and mix and match for your own personal unique style for all occasions.

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