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Potato Salad Delight

Salads? Really?  I know its another salad but its amazing. You got to try it. its something like a meal in a salad form….  I noticed one of my favorite salads that i have not really payed much attention to lately.  The potato Delight.

Why do you think its one of my favorite salads? Its fulfilling and feels light compared to a meal. Sure it has potatoes and potatoes are not considered to be light food but it still does the job.. The flavors is what brings the salad its delight and potatoes are just potatoes.

How to make it? its very simple..



Red onions

Salt and pepper

Some greens (basil and dill is what we use but up to you)

Lemon/lime (your choice)

and a little olive oil

End result totally amazing appetizer or even a salad on its own.

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Green Monster Salad

I like to start off by expressing my love for Avocado. Sure avocado is a little pricey at our local super markets, but it is an amazing ingredient to have in any salad….

Introducing …. (drum roll please) The Green Monster Salad

So yummy!!!

Well this is one of my favorite salads because of the strong flavors it has…




Red Onions


Salt and pepper


and oil

End result, The green monster Salad.. The proportion is clearly up to you. Mix and match.. add or subtract..

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Home cooked meal

Everyone loves a good home cooked meal. Lets see what made this so amazing. By the way, it was one of the most amazing dishes my mom made. The meat was so juicy and flavorful. The vegetables were cooked perfectly. I don’t know how people generally cook their vegetables but I like it semi cooked. It tasted so amazing. I actually asked our famous chef how she did it (mom). She told me she slow cooked the meat in some sort of a beer sauce and lightly cooked the peppers. Then cooked the potatoes together and mixed it all together so they can simmer. It was clearly amazing. All those creative food people out there. Try to make something like this and share the results.

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