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Elephant Bar Smokehouse sandwich special

Ever had a grilled chicken sandwich that was good but left u wondering where the flavor went? I know the feeling…. Tonight’s special sandwich was just astonishing. To be fully honest, the description didn’t sound so wonderful. It had ham and grilled chicken and bacon with the usual (lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo). Does that sound amazing, I think not. However, the fact that it was to die for, through me for a loop. The bacon and ham complimented the plain old grilled chicken. The food was cooked perfectly. The BBQ sauce they had inside the sandwich was equally tasteful. Overall experience i got to hand it to them. One problem i did notice. The fries were not cooked properly. It was not as soft as it should have been. I would recommend the sandwich but for a side order try the Cole Slaw. It is truly amazing.

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