Potato Salad Delight

Salads? Really?  I know its another salad but its amazing. You got to try it. its something like a meal in a salad form….  I noticed one of my favorite salads that i have not really payed much attention to lately.  The potato Delight.

Why do you think its one of my favorite salads? Its fulfilling and feels light compared to a meal. Sure it has potatoes and potatoes are not considered to be light food but it still does the job.. The flavors is what brings the salad its delight and potatoes are just potatoes.

How to make it? its very simple..



Red onions

Salt and pepper

Some greens (basil and dill is what we use but up to you)

Lemon/lime (your choice)

and a little olive oil

End result totally amazing appetizer or even a salad on its own.

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2 thoughts on “Potato Salad Delight

  1. lina says:

    Are the potatoes mashed or diced? What kind of potatoes do you use?

    • Hey Lina, thank you for taking the time to check out the blog. The salad can be done both ways, smashed or diced. The way that we like it is smashed, but not to smashed. As for the type of potatoes, does not matter. This salad is something that can be substituted with your own unique taste. The potatoes that i found works best is red potatoes. However, any potatoes will do.

      Enjoy and tell me how it goes

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